The Crossroads is an adventure based on making choices. You need to decide how to end the conflict.
Will you sympathize with one side, let them kill each other or maybe you will try to bring the feuding bands together? We hope it’s not an easy choice, it’s hard to distinguish which path is “good” or “evil”. Simple goal becomes quite complicated while you’re progressing through the story. And the village has plenty of secrets to discover…

Languages: Polish; English version is about to arrive
Play time: 8 hours


  • completely redecorated location of Murky Waters
  • grim mood
  • new custom soundtrack
  • 16 endings illustrated with flashbacks
  • improved fist fight
When Geralt’s mare, Roach, dies in the course of a long journey, the witcher has no choice but to rest at the Crossroads village. It quickly turns out that this settlement in the middle of nowhere is a place of conflict between two groups of bandits. Dwellers are frightened, powerless against this threat. Accidentally, you become the one who can solve the situation.
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